An explanation

My name is James Pocklington, that's me on the left defying gravity at the bicycling basics event I organised in Louth recently.

I have been a keen cyclist for a number of years and have convinced myself that the world would be a happier place if more people decided to cycle regularly.
I'm a self employed market trader producing and selling healthy option vegetable foods. I get to meet quite a few people in my time on the markets and although most people like the idea of cycling, just a few actually experience the many benefits of everyday cycling. I use the "everyday" word as a guide to where I think cycling could fit into people's lives. Cycling at weekends or on holiday is great but the real pleasure from cycling ,in my view, is when you incorporate your bicycle into your everyday world. Regular cycling builds stamina, saves money and puts a smile on your face (most days at least!) I know that all this is easy talk from someone whose children are grown up and whose work/life balance has become a bit more relaxed. However I'm convinced that with a bit of practical encouragement many more Ludensians would discover the delights of regular cycling. Cycling to the shops, to school, to work and dare I say, to the pub! All these trips are achievable for many people.(Don't forget that being drunk in charge of a bicycle is still a prosecutable offence, as well as being blooming dangerous!)
 I'd like to think we can make Louth a trend setting cycling town that is healthier, happier and mobilised by human energy rather than fossil fuels.

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