Cycling tuition

If you'd like to gain knowledge and experience in a safe environment attending a  "Bicycling basics" day could be the right choice for you. You can join a group of cyclists in a car park (cordoned off) in Louth. We had a successful day last October learning basic skills on the bike and basic bike maintenance. It is designed as a fun no pressure day that aims to increase participants confidence not to destroy it. You will not be asked to do anything you are not happy with. You can contribute as much or as little as you like, sometimes you can a learn a lot just by watching others so please don't be discouraged, you're welcome to come along just for a chat if you'd prefer.
Please get in touch if you'd like to attend the next event.

For those who'd like more advanced "on road" training I can offer a range of courses tailored to your needs.
I am a fully insured and qualified Bikeability instructor. (Bikeability sets the national standard for bicycle training in the UK.) The principles of training have changed greatly since the old cycling proficiency test . There are three levels to the latest training, logically they are called one,two and three.
  • Level one is carried out off the public highway and is concerned with basic bike control, balance, manoeuvrability, signalling and crucially, how to start and stop safely.
  • Level two can only be instructed if level one has been completed as all the training takes place on the public highway. At level two the cyclist will be able to negotiate all the standard junctions safely and learn the importance of road positioning to safe cycling. 
  • Level three is for more advanced instruction on more urban roads and includes roundabouts, traffic lights and multi lane highways.
I charge a standard rate of £20 for 3 hours tuition for up to 4 cyclists within the Louth district. If I'm requested to train outside of Louth there would be a nominal additional travelling cost. For a maximum of 4 reasonably competent cyclists basic level one would require 3 hrs group tuition, level two 6 hrs, level three 6 hrs.

This provides the same standard of training that is currently provided to local schools, so there will be no mixed messages if your children have already completed the Bikeability course.

Please contact me on 07939205346 or 01507607252 if you wish to learn a bit more or make a booking for training. You can also email me at

Thanks for your interest

James Pocklington